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2009-01-21 00:39:08 by UncompleteableTeaser

because I don't even like it anymore. I never work on it because the premise of the animation no longer interests me. I am however doing RODL actively again, and possibly a BOA5 at the same time.
Thanks to all the PMs and support for Brawl 2; it's not dead it's just in a coma. Again.


2008-10-17 03:48:40 by UncompleteableTeaser

My tummy hurts! What should I do?!


2008-09-10 21:13:34 by UncompleteableTeaser

Here is the link to it on ThePirateBay: 6

I made a torrent of all the SSB: Brawl Sounds I ripped myself. It containts a lot of the music from Brawl for Wii, and every sound effect in the game except Charizard and Bublasaur, because I only used Squirtle in my movie. However, it is still several thousand sounds that you can use for almost anything. I have not cropped and never will crop every single one of the individual sounds, but they are saved in groups like "Marth.mp3" with all of their characteristic sounds. To get the sounds you want from each group, I recommend Audacity, a free and simple sound editing program:

Audacity: ad/

Just drag a drop with your mouse, and select what you want, go file>export selection as MP3(you will need the codec aswell to do that, available for download on the Audacity website for mp3 exporting, also free) and then there's your sound, ready to go in games or flash or whatever.

Email me at or post ITT I made for this if you have questions etc.
Or you could be super nice and pay me a lil som'in som'in through paypal at my email also ;) It was a lot of gruntwork but definately worth sharing so no one else has to do it ever again.

note: it's all recorded very quiet, to have maximum sound quality. Just amplify it to however loud you want it in Audacity.

I've been getting PMs from people asking me for years if I'm gonna make another SSB flash.. I didn't think the first one was anything to shout about, but I told them all I would be making another eventually.
Well, I have started. I'm in the drawing phase now(starting from scratch ><), so there's nothing really animated yet. Here's a pic of Bowser, Mario and Samus in Shadow Moses Island, some of the stuff I've done so far. Looks a lot better than the first Brawl, doesn't it? ;)

SSB:Brawl 2 is coming along


2008-03-12 22:08:54 by UncompleteableTeaser

I am making Brawl2. huzza


2008-02-05 20:36:55 by UncompleteableTeaser
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2007-10-06 06:22:50 by UncompleteableTeaser


Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

2007-07-18 02:43:21 by UncompleteableTeaser

Loving the new site. Anyway, thought I mention here that I plan to start(for the 4th time) work on SSBB2, as soon as it is realeased and I can get into it. I will sort out the ideas then go from there. looking at a late 07 release, depends on a lot of things. Might not even find a Wii at the rate they're flying out of stores, my plan was to get one once as soon as brawl is released but that might not happen. :(